On 8.16.11, The Great Book of John released its latest and greatest album. Each album sold in Birmingham featured the image of a White Rabbit, a time, a date, and an address. People took the bait and headed downtown to find the band cranked up and ready to celebrate the next phase of its young life.

In addition to designing the image, local screenprinting outfit, The Yellowhammer Creative, made some shirts and posters to commemorate the occasion. Add those goods to the freshly released LP and CD, The Great Book of John had one hell of a merch table. If only they had a credit card machine….

Now, almost two months later, The Great Book of John is on its way to NYC for CMJ, and playing a few shows on the way. And, in order to make some room for fresh goods (also designed by The Yellowhammer Creative), The Great Book of John is offering up these sweet souvenirs to the public at large.

So now, even if you couldn’t make the show, you can now have a piece of GBOJ history.

These posters have been screen printed by human hands. Only 20 were made.

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