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Have you ever wondered what Radiohead might sound like if they were a country-rock outfit? Now, sure, Wilco has already been called the American Radiohead, thanks in no large part to the experimental and sonically challenging Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but they have nothing on Birmingham, Alabama’s the Great Book of John – a band that takes the paranoia and widescreen open spaces of the British group and pushes it directly and convincingly into straight Americana. On this, their self-titled album, the Great Book of John’s Taylor Shaw vocalizes and swoops to the same transcendent heights of Thom Yorke, and it is an absolute beauty to behold. However, the group also brings stellar songs to the table and crafts them into huge sheets of sound, working with Grammy Award winning engineer Darrell Thorp, who has, yes, done time in the trenches with Radiohead. With such comparisons being bandied about, you would think that the Great Book of John is merely a knock-off, a sound-alike, but this album showcases a band that has absorbed a main influence and has fused it with the rarefied sound of old-time country music and, this might sound like a boast, has crafted an album that is just about as engaging as Radiohead’s high water mark, OK Computer. Simply put, The Great Book of John is a stunning record, one without a weak track in sight, and is one of the most consistently enjoyable albums to reach these ears in quite some time. The Great Book of John is unrelentingly stark and brilliant in equal measure, and you simply just cannot. get. enough. of. it.
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New Album out TOMORROW (8/16)!

The new, eponymously-titled album from The Great Book of John arrives on August 16th, 2011 via Communicating Vessels and Burnside Distribution.

This lovingly-packaged collection will be available on Compact Disc and LP –  and this first edition was pressed to clear vinyl by RTI and is limited to 500 copies. It also comes with a digital download of the full album.

If you happen to be in Birmingham, Alabama then you would be well-advised to pick up a copy of the album from Charlemagne Records, Renaissance Records, Soca Clothing, Urban Standard, Church Street Coffee and Books, and Bottletree. A bonus awaits awaits you there.

Additionally, if you pick up a copy of the CD or LP from the following stores then you will get a copy of the now out-of-print “Let Me Slide” / “On and On” 7″ single:

Park Ave CD – Orlando, FL

Any Frequency – Monticello, IL

Tumblin’ Dice – El Paso, TX

Record Lounge – East Lansing, MI

World Records – Bakersfield, CA

Dyno Records – Newburyport, MA

Wax N Facts – Atlanta, GA

Co-Op – Clinton, IA

Cactus Music – Houston, TX

Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA

Music Millennium – Portland, OR

Twist & Shout – Denver, CO

M-Theory – San Diego, CA

Strictly Discs – Madison, WI

Electric Fetus – Mpls, MN

Ear X-Tacy – Louisville, KY

Vintage Vinyl – St. Louis, MO

Good Records – Dallas, TX

Grimey’s – Nashville, TN

Waterloo – Austin, TX

Shake It – Cincinnati, OH

Guestroom Records- OK City, OK

PLEASE support Independent retail! Go HERE to find a cool record store near you!

The album will also be available digitally via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc… You can also hear it on Pandora!

Please support the band by telling your favorite record store, radio station, and venue about The Great Book of John. We hope to be in your town soon!


I must admit that I was ready not to enjoy this band.  I almost didn’t even listen to it because the folk scene has been over done as of late.  Luckily I gave it a shot.  This Alabama based band has a nice solid sound that has definitely grown on me.  It looks a few of you guys could have a chance to see them live as well, this fall.  They will be doing a short tour.  It looks like they won’t be traveling too far from home this time around.  Their self-titled album will be released on August 18 on Communicating Vessels.
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There’s a beefy sound to this track, ‘Robin Hood’, from The Great Book of John. It’s epic in a very understated way. Let’s hope for more of the same on the band’s self-titled album when it’s released on August 16.
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The Great Book of John is the newest project from erstwhile Wild Sweet Orange man, Taylor Shaw. The band’s self-titled sophomore effort arrives August 16th thanks to the fine folks at Communicating Vessels, and if lead track Robin Hood is a worthy indicator, you best make extra room for this record on the CD rack. Sounding a little like Jeff Buckley fronting Pink Floyd, Robin Hood has apparently been given the deluxe treatment by producer Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero, Dead Snares) and Grammy Award-winning engineer Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Outkast). This tune sounds big. Huge in fact, thanks to densely-layered guitars and jaw-dislocating drums, all serving to float Shaw’s impressionistic lyrics, which call to mind fellas with surnames like Cohen and Dylan. Not bad company to keep. Not a bad band to keep an eye on.