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We will be releasing a new single Novemeber 27th! This will a small taste of what is to come out in 2013 and we are very excited! You can have a listen here…

Old Lady Hayes’s Love Affair with a Communicating Vessels mixtape

by Emily Hayes (aka OldLadyHayes)

Check it out, there is this little -and by little I mean growing and full of freakishly talented musicians- label in Birmingham called Communicating Vessels. Their mission statement? “Revolution of the Mind, Liberation of the Spirit.”
Their roster pretty much covers every bit of jams you would ever want to delight your ears to. Now, as most of us already know, I can ramble on with the best of them. I will get really excited about new tunes and write you pages. However, this time, I really REALLY want yall to check out their mixtapes

Preview: The Great Book of John (Bottletree, 7/6/12)

by Andy McWhorter

Even in Birmingham, a city where you usually discover local bands by accident, in a dark bar on a Saturday night, there are a few acts that, even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard of at some point. Occasionally, a band or an artist will grow beyond Birmingham, like Verbena or Wild Sweet Orange, but there’s a space in-between national success and no-name-hood. Many of the artists on local Birmingham label Communicating Vessels fall into this in-between space. The Great Book of John and The Green Seed, both on Communicating Vessels, were among a group of Birmingham bands to visit the annual South by Southwest festival last year. Both acts will be playing Friday, July 6 at The Bottletree Cafe, along with hip-hop duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme, as part of a Communicating Vessels showcase.


The Great Book of John is on the road again! They made it to Brooklyn last night for a great show at Roots Cafe. Greeted with the southern hospitality of Alabama native owner, Jamey Hamm, it was a warm welcome back to the Big Apple.

Today they started the mid-tour adventure of working in studio with legendary Paul Logus (Notorious B.I.G., Tina Turner, and oh-so-many-more).
It’s sure to be an epic two days.

They are set to Play Rockwood Music Hall (4/24/12, 11:45pm, Stage 2) and then continue down the East Coast towards home.

Check out their upcoming dates to catch a live show near you.

On The Road

The Great Book of John are on the road.

A last-minute show in Nashville went splendidly. There were even some celebrities in attendance.

Tonight is Pittsburgh — 222 Ormsby. Come say hi.

Tomorrow the band will play 2 shows: One at Jack’s Music Shoppe in Red Banks, NJ. We play at 2:00. The guys from that show, Comic Book Men, will be there, too… Apparently Kevin Smith owns the building and Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is across the st.

Our other NYC show will be on Tuesday the 24th at Rockwood Music Hall. It’s free. Come out. Bring a friend. Spread the word.

love —- GBoJ